Boxing for fitness, is arguably the most effective fat burning exercise. Combined with a structured resistance program, this can be a fun and fast way to whip that body into shape! Whether you want to learn boxing for competition, or just for fun and fitness, we offer private and group training.

Wickedbodz trainers, are experienced in boxing and muay thai; extensively studying and training with some of Australia’s top trainers and regularly in Thailand.

The myth that boxing for fitness is a male thing, has been blown out of the water with women dominating a number of boxing classes throughout the industry!


Group Boxing Circuits

Each week we offer a number of group boxing classes. These classes involve a mixture of boxing and other high intensity, boxing-based, strength and cardio exercises and are suitable for people of all fitness and experience levels. Although they are not a heavy technique-type session (as someone looking to compete would do), we teach you the basics and what you need to know to avoid injury, so you can just focus smashing it (safely)!


Private Sessions

Whether you want to learn proper technique, footwork, etc and the art and science behind boxing, or you just want a fun boxing cardio session that will push you to your limits, we have something for you! With all our trainers holding professional or amateur boxing licences and regularly competing ourselves, we know what it’s like to be in the ring, and can give you the knowledge and experience you are looking for. To book a private one-on-one boxing session with any of our trainers, please Contact Us.

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