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Sign Up

As per previous challenges we are giving the option to compete as an individual or a partnered challenge. Sign ups are not necessary on already having a partner, we can match you with a partner if you chose to do so.

Past Challenge Participants

Prices determined on sign up times. Discount provided the sooner your sign up so register today!!

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Weekly Cost

Per week cost for single and partnered


  • Gym Membership
  • Unlimited classes / Over 25 classes per week
  • Wickedbodz workout gear
  • Full body Evolt Bioscan analysis scans throughout the challenge
  • BodyScience product
  • Food diary
  • Healthy, tasty and easy to follow meal plan
  • Full support in all areas of the challenge

Example Fastlane 50 summer outdoor beach class

The winner will be based on all round best result ie muscle gain, fat loss, attendance & increases in physical performance testing


Sign Up for the Next Challenge

The next challenge is starting soon. Sign up to find out more details of when it is starting.


Refuel Cafe

We are also VERY excited to now have Wickedbodz Refuel Café as an official sponsor for the challenge and offering affordable fresh made meal packages all tailored to suit your goals.