Fastlane50  Challenge for Domestic Violence

What is Fastlane50?

Fastlane50 is a group fitness format that is exclusive to Wickedbodz Health & Fitness Centre.

The standard format is 10 stations and each station accommodates two people. There is a new exercise on each station and you are working out at maximum intensity at each station for 50 seconds before moving onto the next station which you have 10 seconds to get to before jumping straight into the next exercise for a further 50 seconds. There are no rest periods until one “Lane” is completed (All 10 stations) and there is a break before the next lane for a period of 1 minute 30 seconds.  The above process is then repeated until we have run through the Lane 4 times in total.

Charity Fastlane50 Involves
For our charity Fastlane50 Challenge we are using the same format except we are going to work out at each station at Maximum Intensity for 15 stations without rest until we hit 100 stations!!! This would mean our competitors would have to get through OVER 5 laps of our Fastlane! If they can make it that far, it will be a test for not just the body but the mind also and we are ready to hit it at Maximum Intensity.

What are we asking?
We are looking for sponsors to help us support this cause which is close to us by sponsoring a competitor at only $5 per station they complete. Our sponsors only donate per station that their competitor completes. If your competitor makes it all the way and completes 100 stations your maximum donation could be $500. All profits made will go to Rise Above non for profit domestic violence association.

Event Details
Date – Saturday 26th August 2017
Venue – Wickedbodz Fitness Centre Surfers Paradise
Time – 8am