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Group Training

WickedBodz currently offers over 20 small group training sessions each week, with a maximum of 15-20 people in each (depending on the session).

Gym Memberships

We are offering a limited number of exclusive gym memberships. We limit the number of memberships offered so that our members can enjoy the luxury of never feeling crowded.

Personal training

Your Wickedbodz personal trainer has the knowledge and drive get you results fast – a 45 minute session here is worth three times what most people will do in the gym on their own – and that’s just one reason Wickedbodz clients prefer to train with us!


Boxing for fitness, is arguably the most effective fat burning exercise. Combined with a structured resistance program, this can be a fun and fast way to whip that body into shape! Group or Personal Training sessions available..

Fastlane 50

The Famous Fastlane 50! Gold Coast's most revolutionary group training format 

Small Group training

If you would like to train with a friend(s), we can program small group sessions to suit up to 16 people with similar goals, for a discounted rate

Kids Clinics 

We don't only cater for the adults at Wickedbodz, we have a kids Boxing/kickboxing class every week.. 

Fitness Nutrition Consultations

To achieve any fitness goal, whether it be starting out for the first time or taking your training to the next level, you must have a plan.